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Don't cry over broken things, embrace them with Kintsugi – it's easy with our DIY kit. Buy the Kintsugi Repair Kit online at The Wabi Sabi Shop. With our DIY Kintsugi repair kit, you can create beautiful pieces of art using this technique.
Don't Cry Over Broken Things. Mend and Embrace Them with Kintsugi – It's Easy with Our DIY Kit Our DIY Kintsugi Repair Kit was designed to bring the simple and stunning art of Kintsugi to pottery enthusiasts worldwide. With everything you need to get started, including an instruction booklet and videos, you'll be able to create your own unique pieces of Kintsugi art. The kit is made with traditional, natural ingredients, including the tokusa vine for polishing, pure gold and silver for a healthy finish, and only the purest form of lacquer, Ki-urushi, made from purified lacquer sap. This kit includes 0.1 grams of pure gold keshi-powder and 1 gram of pure silver keshi-fun powder, enough to repair about 30 small chips.  Kit Includes: 30 grams of basic lacquer 0.1 grams of gold keshi-fun and 0.5 grams of silver makie powder 30 grams of Tonoko (clay powder) 7 milliliters of Bengara red pigment Sawdust Flour Spatula Paintbrush Sprinkle brush Glass plate Oil bottle Sandpaper (#400, #800, #1500) Tokusa plant Silk cotton Pipette Masking tape Measuring spoon Gloves (single-use plastic gloves; please purchase based on your needs) Additional Items You May Need: Tissue Food wrap Scissors Cutter or carving knife Ethanol (can be substituted with turpentine or kerosene) Urushi-buro (plastic/cardboard box, paper box, etc.)

Kintsugi Kit - Art of Play

[Food Safe]This set uses natural urushi lacquer and real gold, so it is safe to use on dishes.This is not an alternative kintsugi using epoxy resin.,

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Don't Cry Over Broken Things. Mend and Embrace Them with Kintsugi – It's Easy with Our DIY Kit, Our DIY Kintsugi Repair Kit was designed to bring the

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